Cardboard Tube Liners for Airtight Containers

All our tubes are manufactured in the UK to the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for food grade packaging materials.

They are all suitable for direct food contact. Dried goods generally do not need any special liner.

For unwrapped items – e.g. chocolates, sweets, balms – we recommend a paper grease proof liner – the tube is still 100% recyclable.

The 100% board content of our card tubes (free from plastic or foil) makes them unsuitable for long shelf life products. For such products, customers pre-pack their product in a suitable recyclable film and pop that into our container. On opening, the customer can dispense the contents into the tube. Once finished, the tube is 100% recyclable.

Liners such as plastic and foil are available for more demanding products but these tubes are no longer 100% recyclable.

We are unable to guarantee that any of our tubes are 100% airtight. None of our tubes are suitable for liquid products.

We recommend customers test their products in our tubes for suitability.